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Strong pedestal made out of stainless steel, 316 (mat brushed surface). Manual height-adjustment.
Tube diameter 130/110 mm. Rotates 360°, locks in any position. Base Ø 270 mm.

Item no. Item Price / Euro
[without VAT]
Price / Euro
[with VAT]
31241Inox LB I seat pedestal, height 380–580 mm663,00788,97
31243Inox LB III seat pedestal, height 580–780 mm717,00853,23
Options/matching items
64221Gleitschienen für Inox LB/Inox/Rotolift85,00101,15
64301GFootrest, grey, long model, height 330 mm292,00347,48
64302GFootrest, grey, short model, height 240 mm292,00347,48
64192Footrest for Beta/Delta, height 350 mm201,00239,19
64197Footrest for Inox/Inox LB, height 300–360 mm267,00317,73
64198Footrest for Inox/Inox LB, height 260–310 mm267,00317,73

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