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Solid seat pedestal with height adjustment by gas strut (400N). Rotates 360°, locks at any position. Aluminium tubes and base anodized (15-20 microns). Removable seat-support made of cast aluminium is powder-coated. Locking with handle. Glued base Ø 300 mm.

Three standard heights, others upon request. Pedestals meet and exceed American saftey guidelines ABYC/H31!

Item no. Item Price / Euro
[without VAT]
Price / Euro
[with VAT]
34034Alaska PB I seat pedestal, height 340-430 mm526,00625,94
34045Alaska PB II seat pedestal, height 450-540 mm526,00625,94
34059Alaska PB III seat pedestal, height 590-840 mm536,00637,84
Options/matching items
64220Sliders, slides 180 mm, locks at both ends, locking with one grip at front, height 30 mm94,00111,86
64301GFootrest, grey, long model, height 330 mm292,00347,48
64302GFootrest, grey, short model, height 240 mm292,00347,48
64192Footrest for Beta/Delta, height 350 mm201,00239,19
64197Footrest for Inox/Inox LB, height 300–360 mm267,00317,73
64198Footrest for Inox/Inox LB, height 260–310 mm267,00317,73

Valid Value Added Tax (VAT) for deliveries to private customers within the EU is 19%. For residential customers outside the EU, the VAT in the respective home country (= shipping address) is taken.

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