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Lowest decktrack, height only 25 mm. With linear guides with brush covers and stainless steel frame. The carrier for the helmseat can be used in frewheel position or with secure locking each 40 mm. The top plate has an anti slip layer, but can be supplied with a customized layer.

Twintrack is suitable for flush mount and deck mount purposes. A stainless steel bulk head frame is available for deck mount purposes.

Attention! The system needs to be plain mounted for smooth sliding.

Lengths over 2500 mm on request.

Item no. Item Price / Euro
[without VAT]
Price / Euro
[with VAT]
68310Twintrack deckslide, 1010 mm, including middleplate1254,001492,26
68311Twintrack deckslide, 1170 mm, including middleplate1361,001619,59
68312Twintrack deckslide, 1490 mm, including middleplate1597,001900,43
68313Twintrack deckslide, 2000 mm, including middleplate2078,002472,82
68314Twintrack deckslide, 2500 mm, including middleplate2872,003417,68
68399Twintrack deckslide, > 2500 mm, including middleplateAuf Anfrage/upon requestAuf Anfrage/upon request
68410S/S bulkhead frame for Twintrack 1010 mm231,00274,89
68411S/S bulkhead frame for Twintrack 1170 mm252,00299,88
68412S/S bulkhead frame for Twintrack 1490 mm285,00339,15
68413S/S bulkhead frame for Twintrack 2000 mm338,00402,22
68414S/S bulkhead frame for Twintrack 2500 mm402,00478,38
68499S/S bulkhead frame for Twintrack > 2500 mmAuf Anfrage/upon requestAuf Anfrage/upon request

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